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Media Contacts

Sarah Hamilton

Ann Papenfuss

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Press Releases


07/18/2016 The Race is ON: Gunflint Mail Run Scheduled for January 7th – 8th, 201
01/07/2016 Visit Cook County: Mush! 2016 Gunflint Mail Run set for Jan. 9-10
01/06/2016 Visit Cook County: Gunflint Mail Run features two races this year, including a new faster eight-dog event

Media Coverage


01/16/2016 Cook County News Herald | Gunflint Mail Run: following the icy trails
01/11/2016 | Gunflint Mail Run 2016

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High Resolution Images

Contact Ann Papenfuss (651-295-2707; if you would like high resolution images from the 2015 race, taken by Nace Hagemann Photography. Below are some examples of the pictures that are available.

Gunflint-Mail-Run-High-Resolution-1-Thumbnail     Gunflint-Mail-Run-High-Resolution-2-Thumbnail     Gunflint-Mail-Run-High-Resolution-3-Thumbnail

Gunflint-Mail-Run-High-Resolution-4-Thumbnail     Gunflint-Mail-Run-High-Resoltuion-5-Thumbnail     Gunflint-Mail-Run-High-Resolution-6-Thumbnail


The Gunflint Mail Run logo was created and donated by JR Richards Design, LLC. Here are logo files you can download for your story. Click on the thumbnail to get the full image.



Watching the Race

We’d love to have you join us for the race! Check here for the race schedule and spectator opportunities.

Fun Facts

We love winter! The average high temperature in Grand Marais in January is 25°F and the average low temperature is 6°F and the average snowfall is 14 inches (Source: Even though the Gunflint Trail is technically part of Grand Marais, it’s far enough away from the Big Lake that it is usually colder and snowier. And yes, we are praying for more snow every day!

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Do you have some questions about dog sledding in general or our race in particular? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Mushing Terminology

Sled dog racing sure uses a lot of jargon! Find our translations on the Mushing Terminology page.