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Gunflint Mail Run 2016 Race Info

Want to know more about the Gunflint Mail Run?

Here’s where you can get the details:

Where the heck are the mushers going? Look at the GMR Map.

What’s the schedule for the weekend? We have all sorts of spectator information on the Watching the Race page.

Odin and Mary and Arleigh spent a lot of time reviewing the rules to make sure the race is fair and safe. See the GMR Rules.

The Gunflint Mail Run purse is made possible by the support of our community. Check out the GMR  Purse.

Who is competing in the Gunflint Mail Run? Read our Musher Profiles.

The vets are our heroes! Get to know our amazing Vet Team.

We have some GMR trivia to share with you. Check out the Fun Facts.

Not familiar with the lingo? Learn all about it on the Mushing Terminology page.

Photo credit: Nace Hagemann